FUZU Massage Glove



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Slip this fully adjustable magic massage glove onto your hand and give your partner the tension-reliving touch they’ve been craving (ahhh…what better way to get them into the mood!) The Fuzu Glove features nine 360 degree rolling balls that help you glide along every curve, and as you press your hand onto their body you can control the intensity. Use the Fuzu Glove with massage oils, lotions or lubricants.

  • Lightweight
  • Fully adjustable – fits all hand sizes
  • Nine 360 degree rolling balls
  • Makes giving a massage easier than ever
  • Safe to use with all massage oils or lotions and lubricants
  • Easy to clean

Why We Love FUZU Massage Glove

"This glove turns your hand into the ultimate massage machine! We thought it was a great idea to help couples try something new during a massage."