PinkHeart Crop



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This sexy little crop says “I love it when you’re naughty!” Depending on your mood (or their behavior) you can choose which side of the heart to swat them with….fluffy or smooth leather. The crop has a firm handle and 25” length, so you can choose how intense you’d like to spank your sweetie. Great for both beginners and experts.

  • Dual sided heart with fluff and smooth leather
  • firm handle and length
  • 25” long
  • Made with real leather and faux fur
  • Can play lightly or more intensely
  • Great for beginners or experts

Why We Love PinkHeart Crop

"Rough Doggie Styles creates high quality fetish products that make you smile (and maybe laugh with a little 'ouch!' too). We like that they see the light and fashionable side of fetish play."