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Wanderlust Aphrodisia Travel Set Black



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Two tickets to pleasure town, please. Bijoux Indiscrets has invented the perfect have love will travel mini kits with everything your 2 heart will desire. The kit includes 6 signature scented Bijoux Indiscrets products; Aphrodisa Scented Massage Oil, Alcohol-free Body Mist, Silicone Massage Gel, Orgasm Enhancer Balm for Her, Feather Tickler and Satin Handcuffs

  • 6 of Bijoux Indiscrets signature scented erotic cosmetics
  • 6 items have experimenting with your partner
  • The Bijoux Indiscrets signature scent includes notes of Rose
  • Ylang Ylang and Jasmine based on a recipe from the ancient Kama Sutra
  • The perfect size for romantic getaways
  • 100% Natural active ingredients
  • Made in Spain

Why We Love Wanderlust Aphrodisia Travel Set Black

"This is the perfect travel size kit of erotic cosmetics! There are so many aphrodisiacs in here to awaken and delight the senses you will fall in lust within seconds."