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Zoe Massage Lotion-Wild Orchid

Wild Orchid Massage Lotion


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Luz de la Riva has created a line couture body cosmetics that are all-natural and have unique aromatherapy blends that are designed to work like an aphrodisiac during your sensual massage. Zoe Massage Lotion is sensually smooth and nice alternative to oil for a sensual massage because it tends to stay put when you apply it. Zoe is also delicious to apply daily when you want to feel and smell extra seductive!

  • Natural ingredients
  • Deeply healing and hydrating
  • Unique aphrodisiac scent blends
  • Excellent for sensual massage
  • Wear daily for hydration and personal aroma
  • Gorgeous packaging

Why We Love Zoe Massage Lotion-Wild Orchid

"We fell in love with the beautiful, kind, passionate spirit behind this brand. Luz de la Riva puts so much love into all of her products. They smell and taste SERIOUSLY amazing and the packaging really celebrates the beauty of all women."