Love Language Contest

Congratulations to our
Love Language Contest Award Winner,

Kaylin Moss!

Kaylin Moss is a poet, photographer, and model. She grew up in Charleston South Carolina and is studying computer science at Marist College in Poughkeepsie, New York. Her writing focuses on identity, conformity, and freedom. Follow her on Instagram @justchillkay

Read Kaylin’s winning piece:

Ruby Red Lullaby

Dreams which dreamt of dreams could not conceive your amorphous matter enveloping mine.

Now all I hear is your ruby red lullaby.

Your lyrics serenade me with a sultry swing beat.
Shuffle pause and repeat but your first song isn't finished and I'm asking for the album.

I wish you were only a song.
I could get sick of you and you could never get sick of me.

We are more than eardrum vibrations. We are a shared lucid dream.