Club Vibe 3.OH Hero

Wireless Remote Control Plug

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Rock to the beat. Move with the rhythm. Tap into the art of the tease. Club Vibe 3.OH Hero is a discreet wearable vibrating plug designed to please—in privacy or on-the-go. Your imagination is your only limitation. Quiet and lightweight, the plug features three pleasure modes and a rechargeable, wireless remote control with a built-in microphone, so you can boldly explore epic new levels of sensation!
Three different modes. Three different ways to please. TEASE MODE Tap the button and give your partner a taste of what's to come (hint: the longer the tap, the better the tease). GROOVE MODE Find your groove with five pre-set pulsations. Better yet, let your partner find it for you. CLUB MODE Vibe to everything from the music on the dance floor to your partner's voice.
• Remote control wearable massager 
• Rechargeable remote 
• Privacy Pouch 
• USB charging cable

Why We Love Club Vibe 3.OH Hero

"You all have been asking for an anal "Club Vibe" so here it is! (also a great G-spot vibe so really it's a unisex vibe) Lightship: Light up the room with multiple LEDs that shine to the vibration patterns."