ON Powerglide for Him



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This is one of the strongest arousal gels for men on the market today! On the playful side it is slippery enough to use during manual play (with your hand or any of our toys designed for men), and on the helpful side it makes a great prep product before penetration – giving men stronger, slightly thicker erections. It is excellent to use with penis rings and penis pumps and a fantastic choice to use under condoms when you want to feel more sensation!

  • The most powerful arousal gel for men
  • Massaged directly onto the penis
  • Helps men have stronger and thicker erections
  • Fun to use with men’s toys for added sensation
  • Supports penis rings and penis pumps
  • Safe to use during penetration
  • Safe to use with condoms

Why We Love ON Powerglide for Him

"A powerful arousal product for men is important, both for a man's enjoyment AND better erection control."