Ready Sex Go Kit



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This little kit was designed to support your sexual fitness. Combining holistically formulated natural and organic ingredients with proven science, the S+HE skin care system includes products that comfort, calm, restore and rebalance the skin in intimate areas prior to or after sex. The kit includes; 20pc pack of Intimate Cleansing Wipes, Natural Cleansing Foam (1.7oz), Natural Scent Neutralizer (1.7oz), Natural After Grooming Therapy (1.7oz).

  • Cleansing wipes to keep toys and body clean
  • Natural Cleansing Foam (that will calm - balance and rejuvenate)
  • Natural Scent Neutralizer (to refresh - equalize and prime)
  • Natural After Grooming Therapy (to restore - protect and finish)
  • Holistically formulated
  • Natural and organic ingredients
  • Accelerates the repair of sensitive skin
  • Enhances comfort – confidence - wellbeing

Why We Love Ready Sex Go Kit

"Taking great care of the delicate skin we have in intimate areas is really important for our sexual fitness. It can make a huge difference in health, comfort and confidence – I love this kit!"