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Stella Massage Oil-Marrakesh

Marrakesh Massage Oil


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Luz de la Riva puts both passion and personality into each one of her products. Stella Massage Oil is a sensual aromatherapy blend of 5 deeply hydrating oils including Coconut, Jojoba, Almond, Sesame and Shea Butter, plus natural plant extracts, and fresh fragrances. Use it to seduce your partner during a sensual massage, OR wear it daily to keep your skin moisturized, feel sexy and exude your own personal aphrodisiacal aroma.

  • Natural ingredients
  • Deeply healing and hydrating
  • Unique aphrodisiac scent blends
  • Excellent for sensual massage
  • Wear daily for hydration and personal aroma
  • Gorgeous packaging

Why We Love Stella Massage Oil-Marrakesh

"We fell in love with the beautiful, kind, passionate spirit behind this brand. Luz de la Riva puts so much love into all of her products. They smell and taste SERIOUSLY amazing and the packaging really celebrates the beauty of all women."